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Does your office impress clients?

The presentation of your office space has an important impact on how potential and existing clients perceive your business, you as an individual and your employees.


Do you often find yourself asking ‘What does my office say about my business?’

The presentation of your office space has an important impact on how potential and existing clients perceive your business, you as an individual and your employees.

So what can you do to impress clients when they come to your office space? At Ratio Vending we have 3 top tips to create the perfect, professional office space for your clients.


There is nothing we love more than an immaculate, perfectly presented coffee station! 

So, how can you keep your coffee machine looking professional?

Laying out your coffee area

At the risk of repeating ourselves, coffee equipment choice is vital.

  • Consider the day-to-day management of your professional coffee machine as a key part of the buying process.
  • Ensure that your coffee machine fits your space comfortably, with room for ancillary storage and  space for adding coffee supplies such as sugar and milk.
  • Your bin should be as close as possible to the machine. In-counter bins are a tidy-convenient solution. 
  • Ensure that you store cleaning supplies close to your machine for easy access.

Managing your coffee area

  • We always provide plenty of advice, specific to each machine we sell.
  • Define who is going to be responsible for cleaning and re-stocking your coffee machine.
  • Consider whether they can manage these responsibilities as part of their schedule.
  • Re-stock the area regularly, tidy and wipe down any surfaces.
  • Plan machine cleaning routines for quiet times in the day when demand is low to avoid queues.

You may want to check out the Flavia Creation 500 - one of the easiest hot drinks machines to keep clean and tidy - or for more help and advice specific to your business, get in touch.

  1. Match the design of your office space with your business’s brand

An effective yet simple way to present your office space in a more professional way is to mirror your business’s brand. For example, if your company’s core colours are blue and white, buy white desks and monitors, with blue chairs, desk dividers and other accessories for your office space.

Ensure you have your brand’s logo displayed on materials you use in meetings, such as notepads, post-it notes and even the cups your clients drink from. You could also include inspirational success and growth quotes around the room to create positive vibes.


  1. Keep your office space neat and tidy

Nobody likes an untidy environment, whether you’re an employee working in it or a client attending a business meeting. A messy office space is just unprofessional and when you’ve got clients arriving for meetings, the last thing they want to be greeted with is unorganised, chaotic clutter. Remember, a tidy workspace makes for a tidy mind, and that’s exactly what you want when you’re aiming for a productive meeting with a positive outcome.


  1. Impress clients with an Office Barista

A great way to impress clients within your office space is to offer up-to-the minute tools and technology….including a bean to cup coffee machine. Don’t worry, it needn’t break the bank! But having high quality refreshments available for visitors will undoubtedly impress clients and ensure that they are keen to come back often.


At Office Barista we have a brewing system for every office – Impress your customers and keep your staff smiling. With a number of brewing systems available, the Keurig coffee machines, Lavazza coffee, and Franke coffee machines are perfect for any office, large or small.


To enquire about an Ratio Vending get in touch by calling 02890 826 111


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