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Healthy Vending

The combination of healthy eating and vending were polar opposites in the past. Not any longer.

More and more of our customers are asking for healthier options within our snack and drink range and over the last few years we have sourced new products that offer a good alternative to traditional crisps, confectionary or sugary fizzy drinks.

Ratio Vending promotes and encourages healthier lifestyles. We think it is important to provide healthy options along with information on ingredients and nutritional value. Ratio Vending offers clients healthy alternatives to their snack and confectionary machines.

Our healthy vending machines are evolving and we continually update our products based on advice from nutritionists, specialist companies and client feedback. We offer a range of healthy options including low fat popcorn, fruit bars, oat bars and healthy drinks. We also have an impressive range of water coolers.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is important. It includes a good diet, exercise and a work life balance. Eating well and looking after your body and mind has numerous benefits increasing productivity at work and at home, boosting energy levels, reducing stress and increasing happiness and general wellbeing.

Ratio Vending is paving the way to healthier eating and living by offering convenient, affordable and healthy snacks and drinks options in healthy vending machines. As a motivated team, we are making a difference by filling the massive, growing demand for convenient, healthy food that is currently lacking in a variety of locations; schools, workplaces, hospitals and medical facilities, community centres, gyms.


Delightful samples

Having tested all of our healthy snacks we know how fantastic they are. We decided to put out some of our favourites for our customers to try. We asked for feedback to see if they agreed with us and the results were unanimous. The popcorn and flapjacks were a hit.

What makes a healthy snack?

We all know that we should be snacking healthier, but what does it actually mean?

To make sure that you’re choosing wisely, try to stick to these guidelines for your snacks;

Calories – a snack with high nutritional value should have between 150 and 300 calories.

Sugars – Your daily cap for sugar is 25g so a healthy snack should not have more than about 5 grams of sugar.

Fat – Look for snacks that are low in total fat and saturated fat while having no trans-fat. Fats should make up to 20-30% of your daily calorie intake.

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