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Keurig® Coffee Machines

Keurig®. Your Brand. Your Drink. Your Way® . Enjoy a choice of more than 20 varieties of gourmet coffees, teas, and speciality beverages in your workplace. Each K-Cup® pod contains the finest beans - ground, measured, and sealed in individual airtight packs, delivering quality and freshness every time..

Keurig® Coffee Machines provide the highest possible quality of office refreshment for staff, management, and clients alike. Tastier than almost anything made with a kettle, and considerably more affordable and convenient than routine trips to those expensive high street coffee shops, Keurig® Coffee Machines should be considered a vital component of any office environment. Read more

Keurig® Coffee Machines use small sachets called K-Cups®. These sealed, airtight packs contain the finest of beans, expertly ground and measured to create the perfect cup of coffee, every time. There are dozens of varieties of K-Cups® to choose from, so there’s bound to be something to satisfy everyone’s tastes. As well as multiple varieties of gourmet coffee, the range includes an incredible selection of teas from around the world, as well as hot chocolate, and even some exotic specialty beverages.

There are two Keurig® Coffee Machines in our range. The Keurig® K140 machine is the standard model. Small, compact and reliable, it’s the ideal solution for smaller businesses, individual offices, conference rooms, and waiting areas.

If you have a bigger workforce – or more demanding clients – the Keurig® 150P machine is a larger, more sophisticated version of the Keurig® K140. As it comes with a choice of five cup sizes, it is compatible with a much greater variety of the K-Cup® range. It is therefore the perfect choice for most any business or professional environment.

If you have any questions concerning our range of Keurig® Coffee Machines, or if you would like a quote for your business, call us on 028 90 826 562 (NI) or 1890 321 000 (ROI).

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Keurig®. Your Brand. Your Drink. Your Way®

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Keurig K150P office coffee machine

Keurig® K150P Machine

The Keurig®  K150P machine is now available in Ireland. It is the ideal solution for the workplace environment, offering a choice of five cup-sizes for your favourite K-Cup® pack drink, now including Starbucks.  This brewer is the larger sibling to the Keurig K140, suitable for locations which require a plumbed in hot drinks solution for back-to-back brewing. Buy the K150 Jug Filled Drink Package here in STERLING on Office Barista UK. Alternatively buy the package in EURO on the Office Barista IE site.

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