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Lavazza Blue Espresso Machines

The excellence of an authentic Italian espresso is now availble for your office.  Lavazza Blue range is designed to give the work-place consumer the pleasure of a professionally-made espresso coffee or americano without the hassle that comes with a bean grinding system.

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The excellence of an authentic Italian espresso is now available for your office. The Lavazza Blue range is designed to give the workplace consumer the pleasure of a professionally made espresso coffee or Americano without the hassle that comes with a bean crushing system.

The mere scent of freshly brewed coffee is enough to raise many people’s moods, and there’s nothing quite like a hot espresso to help your employees power through the day. However, for too long now, any of your employees who wanted the delicious kick that only fresh coffee can provide were obliged to leave the office. High street coffee shops are expensive; and the further they are located from your premises, the more time will be taken up during your employees’ breaks.

Now, with the Lavazza Blue range, your employees can enjoy coffee that’s so fresh, that they’ll feel as though they’ve got their own dedicated barista. Having instant access to such high quality coffee will have a hugely positive impact on employee morale, whilst ensuring that everyone is always able to perform at their very best.

Lavazza Blue espresso machines are capable of creating a cup of coffee that is every bit as delicious as one made by a bean to cup machine, with none of the clutter and maintenance that arises when you have to stock and grind your own beans. Instead, Lavazza machines make use of convenient and disposable espresso capsules. Because no grinding is required, the machines do not have to be switched on at all times. When not in operation, they can be switched off to save energy.

There are two Lavazza Blue machines in our range. The compact Lavazza LB910 is perfect for small offices, meeting rooms, or as a gourmet complement to a larger hot drinks system. The Lavazza LB2301 has an additional steam arm, which can be used to create creamy cappuccinos and lattes. To make things even more convenient, it can also be connected to a water main, which means that you will never have to refill the four litre reservoir.

If you have any questions concerning our range of Lavazza Blue Espresso Machines, or if you would like a quote for your business, call us on 028 90 826 562 (NI) or 1890 321 000 (ROI).

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