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Should you lease an Office Coffee Machine?

Office Coffee Machine Lease Deals Explained

I recently wrote a blog explaining how coffee equipment rental works. To help you make an informed decision between renting, leasing or outright purchasing, here’s my guide to leasing a professional coffee machine for your company or organisation...

Leasing coffee machines can be a complicated ordeal if you don’t understand the detail of your lease agreement. At Ratio Vending, our leasing differs from most in this business - I am absolutely passionate about our customers understanding exactly what they are paying for and what product they are getting for that money.

Having been involved in this business for as long as I can remember, I have come across all sort of lease deals. To help go into your coffee machine lease agreement with your eyes open, I’ll walk you through:

  • Why you might consider leasing an office coffee machine
  • How office coffee machine lease deals work
  • What happens if you break the terms for your lease agreement?
  • Things to look out for in your coffee machine lease deal


Why Consider Leasing?

A good quality, reliable office coffee machine can mean an upfront cost that your accountant is simply not prepared to shoulder. In this instance, leasing can be a great way to spread the cost of that capital.

How Office Coffee Machine Lease Deals Work

Lease agreements for office coffee machines or hot drinks equipment work by first agreeing a competitive purchase price. At Ratio Vending we offer a price match guarantee on like for like deals. We’re more than happy to look at other quotes you have for your chosen coffee machine and ensure we price match or beat the price on that deal.

Once you’re happy with the price, we deal directly with our trusted leasing company. You enter into a finance agreement with them, and they pay us for the machine. At this point ‘the title’ of the machine is passed to them. This simply means that they effectively own the equipment until you have paid them in full for it. They will agree with you a set monthly fee to repay the cost of the hot drinks machine, plus interest.

One of the great things about leasing as opposed to renting an office coffee machine, is that at the end of the agreed period, you will own the equipment. This equipment will always have a second hand or refurbished value, should you wish to upgrade or exchange it in the future.

What happens if you break the terms for your lease agreement?

The terms and conditions will be set out in your lease agreement, and we can walk you through these in detail. But essentially the leasing company owns the coffee machine until you have made payment in full, so if you break the terms of your lease, either by non-payment or late payment you could lose the equipment.

We would always recommend discussing any payment difficulties with the leasing company before you fall behind.

Things to look out when leasing an office coffee machine.

Whilst some companies offer genuine drinks packages, there are also some unscrupulous hot drinks machine providers who will ask you to get into high volume drinks packages with your lease agreement.

Usually this means committing to a certain monthly volume of drinks (e.g. 400 teas, 600 coffees etc) for the lifetime of your coffee machine lease agreement - let’s say five years. The cost per drink may sound really reasonable from the outset, but if you find yourself with 200 hot chocolates left over at the end of each month, the price per drink quickly seems a lot less attractive.

It’s also worth considering that you will not be able take advantage of future drinks offers, or negotiate a better price per cup if your drinks volumes go up. Once you are locked in to the price per drink you will have to pay that for the term of your lease.

I always say to anyone looking for a coffee machine rental or lease:

“Why would you do anything that takes you away from understanding the capital cost of the equipment (the coffee machine itself) and the products required for that equipment (your drinks packages).”

That’s why my advice is to purchase your drinks and coffee supplies as and when you need them. Never enter into a lease deal that come with drinks as part of the package unless you are absolutely sure you will be using that quantity of drinks.

In summary

To make your decision between renting, leasing or outright purchasing an office coffee machine, you need you need to understand the lifetime costs of each option. Make sure you are totally clear on how much of the cost for each machine model is fixed or committed, and how much can be flexible as your business develops and grows.

We will happily use our specialist knowledge of the office hot drinks machine market to make sure you get the right office coffee machine, and then the best lease deal possible.

If you think leasing an office hot drinks machine could be right for your business, please get in touch with me (Andrew) or Jamie now. We will be happy to give you honest expert advice and pricing terms for leasing. We can also help you breakdown, compare and understand any other quotes you may have, and offer a price match guarantee on outright purchases. Call today on 028 90 826 562 or email


Andrew Steen

MD Ratio Vending

“Why would you do anything that takes you away from understanding the capital cost of the equipment (the coffee machine itself) and the products required for that equipment (your drinks packages).”

* Price Match Promise excludes Ebay 

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